Student Organizations (SO) are members of the MSU community. With this membership come benefits and responsibilities. The General Student Regulations, the Student Rights and Responsibilities, and other student conduct policies form the basis for the behavioral expectations in the MSU community.
For the purposes of the SO Code of Conduct, a SO is defined as any group whose membership consists of students currently enrolled at the University that is: (1) registered with the Office of Student Life and Engagement; or (2) affiliated with the University through an academic department or administrative entity which supports, endorses, supervises, or recognizes the organization, unless the Senior Vice President for Student Life and Engagement otherwise determines the organization is a University function.

Alleged violations of the SO Code of Conduct by a SO will be adjudicated by the Office of Student Support and Accountability (OSSA).1 Alleged conduct violations by individual SO officers or members will also be adjudicated by the OSSA, as prescribed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities.
The extent and terms of disciplinary action against a SO will depend upon the nature and severity of the infraction, as well as any history of previous violations. A SO must be in good standing to maintain its registration status.
The primary intent of the SO disciplinary process is to guide behavior and correct misconduct in a manner consistent with University policies and procedures. Through education and promoting critical decision-making, the disciplinary process seeks to help SOs avoid future misconduct and repair any harm done. As such, sanctions levied in the disciplinary process will be commensurate with the seriousness of the offense, with the understanding that repeat violations may justify increasingly severe sanctions.

1 Greek-letter chapters affiliated with the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, or Multicultural Greek Council must abide by the conduct policies established by their respective governing body, as well as the SO Handbook.

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