Conflict Resolution Pathways

What is Conflict Resolution?

For our purposes, conflict resolution is defined as an act or process that brings a peaceful end to conflict. Because conflicts frequently center around incompatible (perceived or real) behaviors, beliefs, values, and opinions, it is important to consider which resolution services best incorporate those issues. Other things to consider include but are not limited to:

  1. What are the ideal outcomes or goals of the resolution process?
  2. How willing are those involved to be actively engaged in the process?
  3. Which resolution pathways (see below) have strengths and weaknesses that most effectively meet your needs?
  4. Are there institutional obligations that dictate a particular approach?

Listed below are four pathways/services that can be facilitated by the Office of Student Support & Accountability. Each option is designed to offer unique strengths and weaknesses to meet the needs of the parties involved. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these and other options at your disposal.

Conflict Resolution Pathways


Conflict Coaching

Restorative Justice