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Integrity Matters
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Students, faculty, staff and members of the general public may report alleged misconduct by students via our public reporting tool. If you need assistance as you complete a report, please contact us at or (517) 884-0789.


Spartan Code of Honor

Student leaders have recognized the challenging task of discouraging plagiarism from the academic community. The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) introduced the Spartan Code of Honor academic pledge, focused on valuing academic integrity and honest work ethics at Michigan State University. The pledge reads as follows:

"As a Spartan, I will strive to uphold values of the highest ethical standard. I will practice honesty in my work, foster honesty in my peers, and take pride in knowing that honor is worth more than grades. I will carry these values beyond my time as a student at Michigan State University, continuing the endeavor to build personal integrity in all that I do."

Visit the Spartan Code of Honor website to take the pledge and learn how to publicly display your commitment to academic honesty with fellow Spartans.

MSU offers information about academic integrity through the Office of the Ombudsperson. On this website you will also find a list of frequently asked questions about academic integrity for both students and faculty.

Maintaining academic integrity is very important to your success as a student at MSU. 

Academic Integrity Resources

MSU Ombudsperson:

Additional Resources:

Academic Dishonesty Report

An Academic Dishonesty Report (ADR) is the form that a faculty member completes when they allege that a student has committed an act of academic dishonesty. More information and FAQs can be found here

Flow chart for process to determine additional sanctions for a student accused of academic misconduct (pdf). 
Flow chart for process for Academic Grievance Hearings initiated by undergraduate students contesting allegations of academic misconduct (pdf). 
Flow chart for process for Academic Grievance Hearings initiated by undergraduate students alleging violations of their academic rights (including grade disputes) (pdf). 

Academic Grievances 

Students may request a hearing to resolve a dispute with an instructor, but only after trying to settle the matter in conversations with the instructor and, if necessary, the relevant administrator (i.e. the department chair, school director, program director, or the associate dean of the college). The student also may consult with the University Ombudsperson at any stage of the dispute.

The general procedures for conducting a hearing for both graduate and undergraduate students are outlined in four MSU documents: Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR), the Graduate Rights and Responsibilities (GSRR), Law Student Rights and Responsibilities (LSRR), and the Medical Students Rights and Responsibilities (MSRR). These documents require each academic unit (departments, schools, programs and colleges) to establish written hearing procedures consistent with the documents. (A copy of the procedures must be on file with the Office of the University Ombudsperson.)