6th Annual RJ@MSU Symposium How Can Restorative Practices Improve the Faculty and Student Experience?

June 28, 2017

“A teaching is a rekindling of a truth we were born with.” – a First Nations Elder

Where: Michigan State University

Registration: $25 for ALL students, $50 for ALL others.

This year, our focus shifts inward – to the college campus. As universities increasingly turn to restorative practices as a pathway for improving student conduct processes, building community, addressing conflict, and facilitating healthy dialogue, questions still remain. Can restorative practices also improve our campus-wide response to academic misconduct and help build a culture of academic integrity? What about classroom and workplace applications? How can restorative practices improve the campus experience for students, faculty and staff alike? What role can we all play?

To help answer these questions, we are pleased to welcome, Rob Bishop, Director of the Office of Academic and Community Conduct at Michigan Technological University. Rob is considered a leading expert on the intersection between academic integrity and restorative justice. Rob will talk to us about the barriers to using restorative practices as a response to academic misconduct, and explore ways in which restorative practices may be used to build a culture of academic integrity. Breakout circles will explore promising applications of restorative practices to address harm, responsibility, and healing on college campuses.

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