Why would someone be referred to the Office of Student Support & Accountability?

  • There could be a service indicator (hold) on a student's account
  • It could be to resolve a matter concerning student conduct or academic integrity 
  • If someone wishes to file a complaint/grievance
  • If a student is interested in making a request within the Medical Leave and Return Process

What service indicators (holds) does the Office of Student Support & Accountability place on student accounts and why?

  • Student Conduct (used for appearance holds or sanction holds) 
  • Academic Integrity (used when a student has not completed a sanction) 
  • Medical Leave (used when a student is on Medical Leave and needs to complete the Return from Medical Leave process before reenrolling)

What are the procedures to follow for each type of service indicator (hold)?

  • Complete the sanction, whether it is for student conduct or academic integrity
  • Call the office if you need to schedule a meeting (i.e. appearance hold) 
  • If you completed the Integrity of Scholars and Grades Course with an 80% or higher, notify the course instructor - Jake Kasper - via email at: kasperja@msu.edu
  • If you completed the Spartan Smart Program, evidence you completed the course must be submitted to the Office of Student Support & Accountability in order for the hold to be removed. This can be done via email or in person. 
  • If you are on Medical Leave and ready to return to MSU, begin the Return from Medical Leave request process by completing the Student Request Form, available under the "Make A Request" section of the Medical Leave tab.

Who can I contact with questions or to make an appointment?

  • Phone: (517) 884-0789
  • Email: ossa@msu.edu